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Mama Magic: Alicia Kapel

Describe yourself in 3 words

Friendly, undeceive, kind

How do your surroundings inspire your photography?

Oh so much, give me a nice sunny day (not to hot though) and I will be so inspired to take photos around my home, outside, at cafes, the beach. Something about that spring/summer air and sunshine motivates me so much.

Tell us something you enjoy doing with your little one?

We have so many little things, but I love going on adventures with her, seeing her face light up when she sees something new and exciting. We love our baby chino dates followed by the beach or a nice park somewhere.

Mud Duvet

Mud Single Duvet Cover featured

Motherhood brings a lot of joy but also a lot of challenges, how do you tackle the difficult side of being a mum?

Definitely! It’s the best yet hardest job in the world. I constantly need to check myself and make sure I’m not being to hard on myself. As a mum I want the best for my children, making sure they are happy, feel secure, loved, protected and provided for. It can get overwhelming but I think knowing that you do your absolute best and seeing the smile on your children’s face is so rewarding. They forgive and forget so easily, I think us as parents need to do the same sometimes and just stop and enjoy the now moments and find the joy in every season. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing a great job!!

You have such a beautiful Instagram feed. Tell us how you set up the perfect shot?

Oh thank-you! As you can tell from my aesthetics and Instagram feed I am totally inspired by natural textures and tones. I love a good white pallet as a base and layer from there, adding different textures and tones to an image. I love working with shadows and natural light is my hero!! I am also a bit obsessed with taking photos of Amara, my daughter too!

Have fun with your photography and take a risk, try new things, let your creativity come out!

Whats next for @mrs.kapel?

I definitely want to pursue my content photography and grow on that. I may have a few exciting projects coming up. Hopefully in the not to distant future I would love to build and custom design my own family home as we grow our family! Yes, Perhaps one day soon another little Kapel! 

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