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This AFFILIATE PROGRAM AGREEMENT, hereby known as the “Agreement,” is made and entered into on September 2022 (“Effective Date”), by and between yourself (the signee of the agreement) and of The Lullaby Club (“Company”), collectively known as the “Parties.” 
IN CONSIDERATION OF and as a condition of this Agreement and other valuable consideration, the receipt, and sufficiency of which considerations are hereby acknowledged, the Parties hereto agree to the provisions as follow:
Nature of Partnership

The Lullaby Club, an established entity that is engaged in the apparel retailing business with its principal place of business, located at 2/13 Axis Court, Burpengary QLD 4505, wishes to tie up with the Affiliate who will act as an agent on behalf of the Company and market, publicise, and promote its products. The Affiliate hereby agrees to work with the Company according to the terms and conditions in this Agreement.


  • NATURE OF AFFILIATION: By signing this Agreement, you agree to work with us to promote and market The Lullaby Club's products in a genuine, holistic way that aligns with our company's ethos. In return, we agree to provide you with guidance and support in your work with us.
  • TERM: This Agreement shall commence on the agreed Effective Date. Unless terminated or mutually dissolved earlier by either party, this Agreement shall continue indefinitely in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  • DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Lullaby Club will be responsible for communicating to the Affiliate any specification and detail that should be incorporated into the work, tasks, and obligations outlined herein. The Lullaby Club will also be responsible for approving or denying content provided by the Affiliate.
  • CHECK INS: The Lullaby Club will contact you once a month to give & receive feedback on the partnership, statistics and products. We'll reach out to you by your preferred method—Direct Messages on Instagram, email, or Zoom calls. This way we can make sure the Lullaby Club is supporting you in being successful.
  • PRODUCTS & GIFTING: The Lullaby Club will reach out to the Affiliate coming up to collection launches to offer preferred sections from the collections. We aim to send out 2-3 pieces from each collection to the Affiliate, however if particular products don't align with your aesthetic and needs, we understand. We want our customers and your followers to trust the authenticity of our promotions.
  • RESALE OF GIFTED PRODUCTS: As a sustainable company, we encourage the circular fashion economy. However, we also need to keep in mind the authenticity of each promotion. Therefore, no gifted products can be sold for profit within 4 months of the item being gifted. Within the four-month time frame, privately gifting or swapping with friends and family is acceptable, but this may not be done on a public forum or online.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: The Lullaby Club seeks to align its partnerships with sustainability and social responsibility. We understand how quickly wardrobes can accumulate if you feel that receiving promotional materials is creating over-consumption, please feel comfortable not accepting products you don't need. This includes swapping sizes, trying on products and deciding they are not for you. 
  • DISCOUNT CODES: The Lullaby Club will provide you with a personalised discount code to share with your customers. These codes can be used on The Lullaby Club website only and cannot be submitted to any online discount sharing website or apps (eg. Honey etc). These unique codes being on these sites defeats the purpose of Affiliates organically creating sales through our affiliate program. We understand customers can submit these codes, however if any Affiliate is caught submitting these codes will be terminated effective immediately.
  • PAYMENT: The Lullaby Club will pay commissions to its affiliates on the 27th of each month, provided that this date falls on a weekday. If this date falls on a weekend, payment will be made on the business day immediately following.
  • CONTENT: We've chosen you as an affiliate because we love your content and want to give you an opportunity to express your creativity. We'll create individual shared folders in Google Drive for you to add all of the content that you've created for The Lullaby Club for each launch so it can be shared with our Community. We're also open to chatting about ideas for new content, it can be hard sometimes coming up with new material, but we're here to support you in any way we can.
  • ADVERTISING: With written consent, the Lullaby Club may use Affiliates' content for advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Tiktok.


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