Denim 2.0 | Size Guide

Denim 2.0 | Size Guide

We are thrilled to present our latest capsule collection, Denim 2.0. Building upon the success of our first denim release, we have created a range of stylish and versatile pieces that are size inclusive, breast feeding friendly, and exude effortless chic.

Including the Jayde Denim Dress, Jayde Denim Jacket, Jayde Jeans, and the Essential TLC Tanks, this collection is designed to meet the needs and desires of a capsule wardrobe.

Denim can be difficult when finding the perfect fit, so we have ensured to create an in-depth size guide that helps you find the perfect piece 

DENIM 2.0 | LAUNCHING 12.07.23

Model details:

Maddy XXL (20-22), Height 163cm, Bust 121cm, Waist 105cm, Hip 138cm

Ruby XS (6-8), Height 172cm, Bust 80cm, Waist 61cm, Hip 89cm 

Size guide tips:

- The jeans are a rigid style with no stretch, they will soften as you wear.

- Use our measurements to compare to your own 

- The Jayde Dress still holds structure without the waist tie on 

- If you are taller, size up once in the dress.

Jayde Dress 

Available in Cream & Brown.


XS 6-8 85cm 76cm 100cm 45cm
S/M 8-10 87cm 80cm 104cm 47cm
M/L 12-14 89cm 86cm 110cm 50cm
L/XL 16-18 91cm 92cm 116cm 53cm
XXL 20-22 93cm 98cm 122cm 56cm


Jayde Shirt 

Available in Cream & Brown.


XS 6-8 75cm 108cm
S/M 8-10 76.5cm 114cm
M/L 12-14 78cm 124cm
L/XL 16-18 79.5cm 134cm
XXL 20-22 81cm 144cm

Jayde Jeans

Available in Cream & Brown.


6 103cm 66.5cm 93.5cm 63cm 29CM
8 103.5cm 70.5cm 98.5cm 65cm 30.5CM
10 104cm 75.5cm 103.5cm 67.5cm 31.5CM
12 104.5cm 80.5cm 109.5cm 71cm 33CM
14 105cm 86.5cm 116.5cm 73.5cm 34.5CM
16 106.5cm 92.5cm 121.5cm 77cm 36CM
18 106.5cm 100cm 127.5cm 79.5cm 37.5CM
20 106.5cm 107.5cm 133.5cm 83cm 39CM
22 106.5cm 113.5cm 139.5cm 86cm 40.5CM

Essentials Tank

Available in Beige, White, Jett & Brown.


At The Lullaby Club, we believe that fashion should be inclusive, empowering, and adaptable. Denim 2.0 embodies these principles, offering size-inclusive denim pieces that are breast feeding friendly and chic.

Stay tuned for more content via our socials: Instagram, TikTok

We can't wait to share these pieces with you.

DENIM 2.0 | LAUNCHING 12.07.23, 10am AEST

Happy shopping!

Love TLC x 

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